Rose priestess

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Rose priestess

Perhaps She intends that you meet yourself here, to merge with Her and to BE in the mystery of all that it means to be a Magdalene. It will weave through the castles of Cathar countrythe churches of the black madonnaonto the Isis Chair and into the sacred pools where Magdalene is thought to have performed baptismal ritual. Marie del Marewhere Magdalene came ashore when she arrived in the South of France on a small boat.

This a totally unique feature of this pilgrimage! A four week on-line program is designed to prepare and enrich your journey. All deposits and future payments can be made by check, paypal or credit card. Please be sure to book a flight that arrives by this time or the day before. For stress-free airline booking arrangements and to connect with a live ticket agent try ASAP tickets at www.

This pilgrimage is open to women only. This will be a highly physical trip: lots of walking, some hiking, stair climbing at castle ruins, forest walking on uneven footing, and journeying on foot to get to and into the Yoni cave. Given the nature of these sites, accommodations for physical limitations will not always be available.

If highly-active physical activity would pose a problem due to injury or mobility challenges, this may not be the right trip for youas you may miss key portions of this experience.

If you are one of the first 14 to applyMarin will contact you directly via email to finalize your registration.

rose priestess

Priestess Rising. Sacred sites are doorways between the worlds. They are vortexes of energy that summon pilgrims from worlds away. An ancient remembrance is calling you home to yourself. Do you have a knowing deep in your bones and belly that you are meant to travel to these lands? This is not a typical day, South of France exploration. Download Itinerary. She has remembered her connection to the sisterhood of the rose and reactivated her rose vows. She is also connected to the frequency of the dove.

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After an accelerated, life-changing experience in the South of France in she began to experience higher levels of consciousness, including remembering her connections to Priestess-hood of Lemuria, the temples of Venus, her Syrian star family and discovering her soul signature rose gold ray.

Marin is present in this time of great awakening to support the emergence of the divine feminine, stabilize the new earth, and calibrate next levels of high-heart opening. She is trained in the arts of energy alchemy and is able to help women transmute layers of fear in the somatic body into pure love and crystalline light, thus helping women develop their light bodies, activate the flames of ascension and expand galactic consciousness.

In all of her work she supports women to develop a supreme sense of self-love and divine worthiness. She has true gift for creating sacred, ecstatic mystery-school-level experiences with women. She teaches workshops throughout the world and is best known for the creation of Sacred Body Awakening.

She uses her voice as medicine, to create an incandescent temple, where indescribable beauty and generations of transformation take place. She carries an oral message that stirs the remembrance of a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without the need for permission or recognition from any other source.

Part I and The Grail King. Their homeland is a place shrouded in the myths and legends of such groundbreaking visionaries such as Mary Magdalene and the mystical legacy of the Cathars, as well as the romance of the Troubadours and their vision of Courtly Love.

Together in union with the land, they take people on their own immersive interaction with the spirit that dwells there. Sept 8th - 29th: Online weekly via Zoom. Download the Full Itinerary. Only Double occupancy availability remains. There are 14 spots open for this pilgrimage. To apply please fill out the form below.

Each spot is available on a first come, first-served basis. Last Name.Isis and the Tree of Life. The Yoga of Light. Reflections on The Cycle of the Great Yuga. Hathor in Myth, Form and Symbol. Prologue - The Path of the Priestess. Meditation --The Mirror. Mary Magdalene, Apostle of the Apostles. Interview from Four Corners Magazine. Santa Barbara News Press Interview.

Reviews - Performance and Teaching. The Mayan Calendar is ending on December 21st What will happen to us between now and then? Are there other prophecies that also predict the closing of this world age and the start of a new beginning? Join author Sharron Rose on an adventure into the future. In this exciting and thought provoking feature documentary she travels across the entire United States speaking to the many experts on this fast approaching prophecy.

Discover the secrets of the Mayans, the Incans, the Alchemists, the Christians, the Masons and others of our ancient ancestors concerning the end of time and the promise of our destiny as human beings. Sacred Mysteries Productions presents The Odyssey. Written and Directed by Sharron Rose. Produced by Jay Weidner.

Armageddon is not what it used to be. This is an eye-opening film. Importantly this film It reminds us that we need not be victims of events beyond our control. Very informative and thought-provoking". For Timewave reviews, bios, articles and more click here. What lies ahead for the human race? Will we reach the destiny that awaits us?

In the film The Odyssey, author Sharron Rose went on a quest to understand the many prophecies around the year In this sequel to that film, she travels far beyond the world of During this fascinating expedition into the nature of time itself, Ms.

rose priestess

They discuss topics such as the shift of the ages, the galactic alignment, global warming, the pervasive role of the media in our lives, the secret place of refuge, the mystic work of Benjamin Franklin, renewal of the American spirit and the transformation of humanity.

Journey with Ms. While firmly based in a rich perspective on our past history, and a new understanding of the nature of the times we live in, Timewave offers a clear, yet positive vision of what is to come.

In this elegant and enlightening presentation, award winning author, educator and performing artist Sharron Rose introduces the feminine — based Yoga of Light, an ancient science and spiritual practice of physical and spiritual revitalization.We respect your privacy. We will never rent, trade, sell or give away your information. In this series and chapter learn the secrets that took me over a decade to learn on how to unleash my Inner High Priestess, that took me from being in massive debt, abusive relationships, low self-esteem, and chronic health issues… to living the absolute life of my dreams!

rose priestess

Andrew Weiland now am even working diligently on developing my own TV show all about holistic living and bringing higher consciousness to mainstream TV. Not a small feat! I know you will truly appreciate and Honor its message. YOU are meant to BE part of this movement.

Let the journey begin! Rose Cole is a much-loved visionary leader and world-renowned speaker, co-author alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil, popular featured guest on TV networks such as E! Her depth of knowledge and experience for creating health and wellness is just the first layer of her brilliance.

Rose is a High Priestess for our modern world guiding people to embody health on all levels. I was fighting depression and anxiety for years. I struggled to keep myself positive. I was surviving, not living. It seems like a long time ago, but it was only 5 months.

I learned so much from you Rose. Thank you for being my role model and for your life changing teaching. Her method of blending health, spirituality and consciousness is so needed in this day and age. It was this course that catapulted me into a stratosphere that I could have only dreamt about.I call you, sister of my heart.

I call you urgently, fervently. I call you from the depth of my womb. I call you from the deepest places being awakened within you. I call you to be here, now: To bring the full ripeness of your holy vessel. You, daughter of mine, are an alchemist: where the elixir is Love. You, my daughter, are a vessel of brilliance. As Magdalenas, we are being called to deepen our capacity to embody love —with ourselves, our lovers, our sisters, our families, our communities, and our beautiful, aching planet.

We offer ourselves as a vessel to transmute any experience or feeling that is less than love—not only for our personal transformation, but also for the transformation of the collective. This is the art of alchemy … the alchemy of love: for there is no greater source of power than that.

I am the first and the last.

Free Gift – High Priestess Training

I am she who is honored and she who is scorned. I am the whore and the holy woman. I am the wife and the virgin. I am the bride and the bridegroom. I am she, the Lord. She is the marriage of the Beloved—the unfurling embodiment of a radiant, raw, exposed heart. She is disrobed, unveiled, and penetrated by the pleasure, bliss, and ecstasy that comes from knowing she is whole and it is now safe to be truly present. She has emerged from the cave where she has hidden for so long, now dancing, trilling, singing the electric waves of reunion with all beings and with herself.

She brings the sanctity of each moment into each breath so we are fully present to it all. Her sacrament is love. I am your mother. I am you sister. I am your daughter. We have never parted. The threads are weaving, revealing the tapestry of your heart.

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You are ready, now, to open the sweet beauty of your rosa mystica. This is the way forward. Let me hold you. Open to receive me. I am everywhere. It is an embodiment based upon the alchemical teachings of Magdalene and Yeshua; together, they seeded a sacred technology that, when embodied, blossoms as a fragrant mystical rose within us … a fragrance, a presence that cannot help but exude beauty.

Each of us hold the seeds of the mystic rose. As the seeds bloom into a rose, each petal within us unfurls, calling us to face the ways we have withheld from fully loving and nourishing ourselves and expressing our true, erotic life force—a life force that wants to be expressed as love.Your heart, your gifts, your vulnerabilities, your courage, your divine and unique offerings, are entirely welcome and embraced here.

YOUR contribution sparks the growth and evolution of the whole, so thank you for courageously bringing your soul forward to share in this journey as we RISE together.

At the beginning of each Initiation, we will be activating the foundational course curriculum for that module to this portal. Once we have added the Initiation to the portal, you can access the course content through the Lesson Links at the bottom of this page.

You can then navigate between then as you please, deepening and refreshing your immersion into the sessions. Please note, as some of the recordings are from previous live iterations of this course, they may reference a moon phase that is different from your current phase.

The alchemical energy of the call weaves through time and space and connects with your energy in your now. Our embodied practice within the Temple of Isis will bring us into deep connection with our womb as the source of Divine Creativity and connection to the wisdom of Divine Mother.

Isis takes us through an initiatory process of activation, rebirth and soulful resurection to activate our divine light body and recollect the lost soul parts that have split off through past trauma that you may rebirth into your self confidence as a priestess creatrix for the Divine Mother.

The Temple of Aphrodite is an opportunity to explore pleasure and make it a priority. When we make pleasure our priority and remember what turns us on, both sexually and joyfully, we start to create a life that reflects the deeper expression of our souls.

We will call our sexual energy back home into our own body temple, honoring our sexual energy as sacred. You will receive a transmission of the sex magic of Isis and we will deepen into the sexual alchemy keys both for solo practice and sacred love making keys with a partner. Kali Shakti is the strongest force of ecstasy we can feel in our bodies. She is the aspect of goddess that manifests as kundalini shakti, the living rising power of the feminine that we can embody when we desire a breakthrough.

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We can call on her to help us to dissolve what stands in the way of rising into our soul power, and birthing our magnificence. Kundalini Shakti Kali Artwork by — Unknown We endeavor to credit all artists, so please let us know if you know who this beautiful piece is created by. Sekhmet, is the Egyptian Dark Goddess of transformation, healing and fierce compassion.

Her presence emanates the ecstatic life force of the Kundalini energy or Sekhem as it is known in Egyptian Alchemy. When we embody Sekhmet we gain the power and the strength to overcome our inner obstacles, our self — doubt, our fears, our self loathing and reclaim our power and vibrancy so we can live the life we were born to live. With her fierce compassion and love she will cleanse you heart of the patterns of the past and renew your heart with the emerald fire of love.

This moon cycle we enter the Temple of the Rose with Mother Mary. She is a compassionate inner plane guide who is available to mentor you when you are ready to walk the path back home to your heart and live your life guided by your higher self. We call her when we are ready to dedicate our lives in service to the divine plan and fulfill our chosen destiny for this lifetime. Her presence embodies such sweet, soft heart medicine and helps us to embody unconditional love and forgiveness.

In our month with Mother Mary we will nurture our hearts that we become an overflowing fountain of love, care and compassion. Mother Mary Artwork by — Unknown We endeavor to credit all artists, so please let us know if you know who this beautiful piece is created by.

Mary Magdalene is an ascended inner plane guide and master teacher who is here to support you to become an essential leader and teacher. She will initiate you into the sacred rites of the rose temple priestess that bring us to sacred union with the Divine through our lovemaking. Magdalene is here to help you see and lift off all the cloaks of shame you have been wearing.Midler is the last of DIO 's assassins the heroes encounter before entering Egypt.

Midler is never seen, except from the waist-down in two frames of the manga; from which she appears to be a woman of average height and build, wearing a simple dress.

After her defeat, Polnareff cannot bear to look at her, having lost all of her teeth when Star Platinum punched them out of her Stand. Like MariahMidler is flirtatious and lascivious, mentioning that, as a cool and quiet man, Jotaro is "her kind of guy". She says that she regrets having to kill him and wishes that they could have been lovers; and that unfortunately, DIO is even more attractive to her. Midler's Stand is High Priestess, possessing mineral materials in order to form shapes large and complex with which she may attack.

Due to its long-range, Midler was capable of using it from ashore, while it attacked the group on the ocean floor. Taking the form of different things, her Stand continuously attacks and escapes from the group, while Midler taunts them talking through her Stand. Eventually trapping them in her own Stand's mouth, Midler claims that her teeth are harder than diamonds and tries to crush Jotaro with them, but instead has her teeth punched out by Star Platinum.

Jean Pierre Polnareffwanting to take a look at her, goes to her convulsing and unconcious body but says it isn't worth to look, because of her now toothless face.

Her story mode tells a drastically different tale from her fate in the original manga. She trails Jotaro 's group in order to carry out DIO 's orders to kill them and successfully wins against them, one by one. After she finally defeats Jotaro himself, she returns to DIO's mansion to report the good news.

However, when she finally reaches DIO, he reassures her - before declaring that he only needs her blood, as the blood of one more person will enable him to take full control of Jonathan 's body.

He then asks if she will willingly give him her blood, to which she agrees. In her ending, DIO punctures her neck with his fingers and drains her blood, killing her. As a playable character, Midler's Stand makes her a great medium-to-long-range fighter.

rose priestess

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I regret that I have to destroy you Contents [ show ]. The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.She is learning, mastering and embodying the teachings of the Rose, so that she may accelerate her path to Feminine Christ Embodiment and Spiritual Enlightenment.

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On this path we work with the teachings of the White, Pink and Red Rose, each containing within their own unique vibration and teachings for mastery. Join me on Instagram MagdaleneRoseTemple. Get access to my Free Temple Gifts inside the.

Magdalene Rose Temple. Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe. Welcome Beautiful Priestess! Awaken your Rose Priestess Path…. What does it mean to become a Rose Priestess? You are invited to join us on the path of Divine Feminine Mastery. Temple Offerings:. In our work together we will…. How we create transformational results….

Here is how you can get started…. Join our Priestess Community!

How to awaken your Magdalene Priestess Journey 🌹

Work with me …. Experience a 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing to elevate your Soul Vibration, rapidly clear your energy, unblock your Soul and align you to your Divine Purpose.

Facebook-f Instagram Youtube Pinterest. What others are saying about Melissa I had a soul journey healing with Melissa and was truly blown away.

10 Signs You Are a Reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestess (And What to Do About It!)

It was very in depth and she was wonderfully intuitive with what I needed to focus on. I am still processing, integrating and receiving from the healing.

I learned about my core wound and it definitely lined up with my life experiences. We did a healing around something that happened in a past life which was something I had never done before.

When we wrapped up she gave me great suggestions on how to make the most of the healing and continue it for weeks to come.


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